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PharmedOut was founded through the Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Education grant program (AGCPGP) and is currently funded through individual donations. Please consider supporting us! Opt Out of drug reps knowing what you prescribe


    PharmedOut welcomes gifts to support and advance its innovative educational programs and research initiatives. Gifts and grants provide valuable resources to launch new physician education programs and research projects assessing drug industry marketing strategies. Your generous support will make a difference.

    Checks should be made out to Georgetown University. Please designate PharmedOut in the memo section of your check or in accompanying correspondence and mail to the address below.

    Credit card contributions can be made by phone at 202-687-4900 or via internet (choose "other" for designation and write "PharmedOut" under special designation).

    We also welcome gifts of securities, real estate and other appreciated property, as well as bequests. For further information, please contact Sandra Lovinguth at

    Georgetown University
    Office of Medical Center Advancement
    Box 571404
    Washington, DC 20057-1404

    All gifts benefit the PharmedOut project at Georgetown University and are tax-deductible to the full extent specified by the law.

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