PharmedOut Fodder

Each month, the PharmedOut Newsletter covers a pressing issue on industry's influence on the medical world. You can read all of the Fodders on this page.

May 2018: Pharma and the NIH: Innocence by Association?
April 2018: Purdue's Latest PR Move
March 2018: Rx Files: No Medication is Benign, Part 2
February 2018: Rx Files
January 2018: PharmedOut Review in Photos

December 2017: Final Nail in the Addyi Coffin?
November 2017: Joy's Favorite Article of the Month
October 2017: Live from capitol hill: McCaskill investigates Insys marketing practices
September 2017: Rx Files
August 2017: Rx Files
June 2017: When it comes to drug allergies: Time is money
April 2017: Orphan Drugs: Pharma's New Favorite Child
March 2017: Does Industry Influence Medical Discourse?
February 2017: Rx Files
January 2017: Live at the FDA

December 2016: Rx Files
November 2016: Rx Files
October 2016: FDA Caves to Patient Pressure
September 2016: Rx Files
August 2016: Salespeople in the Surgical Suite
July 2016: Blood Money: Pharma Targets People with Hemophilia
June 2016: Pharma Backed Co-Pay Charities
May 2016: Pharma Should Invest in Take-Back Programs
April 2016: ProPublica Proves Why Lunch, and Other Gifts, Matter
March 2016: Problems With Clinical Trials
February 2016: Pharma's Role in the Opioid Crisis
January 2016: Unethical Trials on Unethically Long Shifts

December 2015: Doctors Speak Out on DTC Advertising
November 2015: Pharma University
October 2015: Making an Example of Martin Shkreli
September 2015: Opioids for Kids
August 2015: Let's Keep Transparency in CME
July 2015: More on the Flibanserin Fight
June 2015: Psychiatry Under the Influence
May 2015: Burning Questions to be Answered at PharmedOut Conference
April 2015: 21st Century Pandering
March 2015: The Real Risks of Rx Drugs
February 2015: Demanding Results of Clinical Trials
January 2015: The Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs

December 2014: There's a (Pharma) App for That
November 2014: Standards for FDA Drug Approval
October 2014: "Where's the Female Viagra?"
September 2014: When Pharma Meets Medical Journals
August 2014: Sunshine Still Misses CME
July 2014: What's in a Word?
June 2014: The Bullying of Journal Editors
May 2014: Transparency
April 2014: Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
March 2014: Testosterone and Opioids (A Tie)