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Pharma Knows Best?
Managing Medical Knowledge

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Pharma Knows Best? Managing Medical Knowledge
June 16-17, 2011
Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

Day 1 Panelists/Speakers:

  • Nicolas Rasmussen, PhD, MPH, University of New South Wales, “The History of Academic-Industry Research Relationships”
  • Donald Light, PhD, MS, UMDNJ and Stanford University, “Managing Medical Knowledge in a Market for ‘Lemons’”;
  • Marcia Angell, MD, Harvard Medical School, and Virginia Barbour, MD, PLoS Medicine, “Industry Relationships with Medical Journals”
  • Alastair Matheson, PhD, MSc, Toronto, Canada, “Publication Planning and Ghostwriting”
  • Peter Brodhead, CME Director, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, “How to Do Pharma-Free CME”
  • Steve Willis, MD, Arnold Relman, MD, Joel Lexchin, MD, MSc, and Gordon Schiff, MD, “Medical Education”

Day 2 Panelists/Speakers:

  • Jeff Chester, MSW, Center for Digital Democracy, “Disease Awareness Sites and Social Media”
  • Jesse Polansky, MD, MPH, Baltimore, MD, “Framingham Cardiac Risk Calculation – A Case Study in Commercialization of the Digital Landscape”
  • Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, Georgetown University Medical Center, “Adherence and Compliance Programs, E-Sampling, and Other Marketing Platforms”
  • Elissa Ladd, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, MGH Institute of Health Professions, “Universal Influence: An Analysis of the Data from the Massachusetts Gift-Ban Legislation”
  • Mark Helm, MD, MBA, Helm Benefit Design, “Pharmaceutical Benefits Managers”
  • Douglas Melnick, MD, MPH, Los Angeles, CA, “Targeting Physicians Through Medical Science Liaisons
  • Susan Chimonas, PhD, Institute on Medicine as a Profession, “What’s Happening at Academic Medical Centers?”
  • Eric Campbell, PhD, Harvard Medical School, “Academic Scientists’ Relationships with Industry”
  • Heather Pierce, JD, MPH, Science Policy and Regulatory Counsel, Association of American Medical Colleges, “Prevalence of Academic-Industry Industry-Academic Research Partnerships: The AAMC View”
  • Carl Elliott, MD, PhD, Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota, School of Medicine, “Should Academic Medical Centers Perform Industry Research?”
  • Edmund Pellegrino, MD, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, Marcia Angell, MD, Harvard Medical School, and Curt Furberg, MD, PhD, Wake Forest University, “Should Academic Medical Centers Be Pharma- Free? Can Academic Medical Centers be Pharma-Free?“

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Conference Description:
A unique CME conference, “Pharma Knows Best? Managing Medical Knowledge,” was held June 16-17, 2011 at Georgetown University. Topics covered at the conference included ghostwriting and medical journals; academic-industry-relationships; disease awareness sites and social media, pharmaceutical benefits managers, targeting physicians through medical science liaisons, the role of the FDA in direct-to-consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals; and an analysis of the data from the Massachusetts gift-ban legislation.
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